Originally from Hamburg, I mostly grew up in the Philippines and later moved around in Europe a lot. I've been living in Berlin since 2002. 

I like capturing atmospheric moments and find it interesting how the mind shapes what we see.


Contact me!  I look forward to feedback and requests, and enjoy working on all kinds of creative projects with other people. 




///Current exhibitions///



"WHEREABOUTS" at Manzini,  Ludwigkirchstraße 11, 10719 Berlin


2018 - now  Solo Exhibition


                              ///Past exhibitions///


"REFLEXION" at Insitu, Grolmanstrasse 30-31, 10623 Berlin


2018 Solo Exhibition


"WASSERZEICHEN" at Multikulturelles Centrum Templin,

 Prenzlauer Allee 6, 17268 Templin


2018 Group Exhibition


"REFLECT" at Manzini, Ludwigkirchstraße 11, 10719 Berlin


2017 Solo Exhibition


"STADT DER HELDEN" im Offenen Atelier Frank Lindenberg,

Auguststrasse 61, 10117 Berlin

2016 Group Exhibition